British schools overseas

BEST Preschool activates under the accreditation issued by the United Kingdom Government’s Department for Education as a British School Overseas (BSO), meeting standards addressed and inspected by SIS – School Inspection Service British School Accredited.

Extracts from the inspection report:
Meeting the standards for British School Overseas (BSO), it provides a good quality of education for its children and enables them to make good progress overall.
Standards of achievement are good. For the youngest children under three years of age, achievement is often outstanding because of the exceptionally high quality of care they receive.
Children are highly supportive and caring towards one another; even the youngest children show empathy towards their peers. Staff give exceptionally high priority to children’s welfare, health and safety.
The curriculum is good. It meets the school’s aim and pays due regards to the EYFS and National Curriculum. It is well planned.
Safeguarding procedures meet the latest guidance and staff are appropriately trained and vigilant. Children are taught age-appropriately how to keep themselves safe, including keeping them safe on-line.

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