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Benefits of muddy puddle play for children

Childhood is a time of exploration, curiosity, and boundless energy. In a world increasingly dominated by screens and structured activities, one timeless and invaluable experience is muddy puddle play.  Splashing through puddles and embracing the messiness of mud isn’t just about fun; it offers plenty of developmental, physical, and mental benefits for children. From enhancing […]

Why choose a kindergarten with native English-speaking teachers

Early education plays a crucial role in child’s development, as does the choice of a suitable preschool, which meets all the criteria to offer the best teaching methods, involved and empathetic teachers, and activities adapted to the different stages of preschool development. Kindergartens with teaching in English are increasingly requested by parents looking for the […]

Kindergarten with a part-time programme or full-time programme – why choose a kindergarten that offers both?

Registering for a kindergarten can be a difficult decision for parents, especially if the child is going into the community for the first time.

Kindergarten in the forest – here are the reasons why parents should choose a kindergarten in the middle of nature

The concept of “forest kindergarten” or in the middle of nature has recently become very popular in the Nordic countries, and more and more parents in Romania are also looking for such a kindergarten for their child. There are many reasons why parents choose a forest kindergarten. Among the most popular are adapting to the […]

Outdoor activities in kindergartens – a fun development method for children

Outdoor activities have recently become more and more sought by parents who want their child to learn through games, adventure or exploration activities. Many parentschosee a kindergartens that integrate non-formal activities into their educational programs that take place in nature or unconventional locations outside of the classroom. The importance of outdoor activities in kindergarten Outdoor […]

Sports kindergartens Bucharest – here are the reasons why parents should choose a kindergarten with a sports profile

Physical activity is fundamental to the well-being of a child’s physical and mental health. Introducing sports into a child’s life is a top priority for parents. At the same time, it is a great challenge to get the little ones to play sports, but also to have fun doing it. Sports kindergartens – the ideal […]

The best kindergartens in Bucharest – what should any parent know

The number of private kindergartens has increased significantly in the last decade. This leads to some perplexity among parents, who wonder which of the options is better and how to choose right for their child. You can find the answers to these questions by consulting and analyzing a list of kindergartens in Bucharest. Whether it […]

Why choose a kindergarten based on the British curriculum?

Choosing the right kindergarten for your child may seem difficult at first sight, having a very wide educational offer that can be confusing and raise more questions than answers. However, many parents want their little ones to attend an educational institution based on the British curriculum, which guides the child from the first years of […]

How to choose the best kindergarten in Bucharest for your child?

Choosing the right kindergarten or nursery for the child is a process that worries parents, especially when the child has not attended any other educational institution prior to this moment. Parents in the capital tend to choose the best kindergarten in Bucharest for their child, and often this decision gives them headaches. What are the […]

BEST Preschool has started its summer camp for children

Starting with 5th of July, BEST Preschool has opened its doors with summer programs for children aged between 2 and 6 years. During the summer camp that will take place in July, preschoolers have the opportunity to play, explore the world around them and develop their creativity through various games and fun activities. The activities […]

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