Sports initiation

Physical development, motivation, health, active lifestyle, teamwork, ambition, and self-control.

  • Twice a week outdoor physical education classes customised for each age group, with specialised trainers.
  • Sports activities for each age group, enabled through different games and roleplaying related to:
    • Running
    • Mini – Tennis
    • Mini – Football
    • Mini – Basketball
  • Once a week class providing first contact (introduction) with termly selected sports disciplines for group ages starting from 3 years old and extended opt-in extracurricular activities based on:
    • Swimming
    • Karate
    • Gymnastics
    • Football
    • Ballet
    • Ice Skating

BEST Preschool partner locations for both fee-included sports activities outside the kindergarten and for extended opt-in extracurricular sports activities (sometimes addressed as clubs) are selected based on teaching act quality, premium facility availability, and proximity. In accordance with this our classes and opt-in extracurricular clubs take place at:

Stejarii Country Club – neighbour facility

Stejarii Country Club – neighbour facility

Ţiriac Arena ice rink – based in Otopeni.

 Ţiriac Arena ice rink – based in Otopeni

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