Welcome to Best Preschool, within our fascinating woodland outdoor area neighbouring Stejarii Residential Club and Stejarii Country Club. You’re invited to discover the best way to combine intellectual, physical and emotional development children (aged from 18 months to 6 years) can benefit from, through a unique range of custom programmes based on our three main pillars:
  • British curriculum approach.
  • Sports related activities for early years.
  • Forest experience.

Our vision

Small people developing balance through a mix of academic activities, a sporty lifestyle and natural experiences represent the best way to develop happy and healthy big characters.

Our promise

We own the most complete local experience a child can encounter in terms of interests and skill development through a vast range of sports approaches mixed with a British educational curriculum and highest standards of teaching. The Ţiriac name stands as our main endorser in terms of physical education custom activity selection to determine a balanced and healthy development of children.

“I’ve encouraged the concept of a kindergarten with a fun and healthy learning environment to promote and enhance children’s motor development. We encourage initiation for children aged from 18 months to 6 years old in running, tennis, football, swimming, ice skating, basketball, and additional sports disciplines to provide foundation of motor skills through fun and active classes. That’s the concept behind BEST Preschool, the kindergarten we will run starting September 2021 in a forestry environment, supporting a healthy lifestyle and a balanced academic, based on the British curriculum. As a result of an early age designed physical education programme, our goal is that children develop wholesome attitudes leading them to regular physical activity that further supports academic performances.

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